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This is the map and lore (so far) of Hættrland, the Norse-themed homebrew world that our D&D 5th edition campaign takes place within.


This is the full map of Hættrland:


Hættrland Ancient Lore

• Skalds tell fables of days gone by with fantastic inventions, magic, and progress: an era when nations were united; an era of cooperation between humans, elves, dwarves and other non-human species; an era when technology and magic were used for the good of all. However, it’s debated if those days ever really existed, or they’re just tales to amuse children and tell each other over mead and ale at the longhouses.

• What is known is that for a reason long forgotten—if the reason was ever known to begin with—the world was overrun by demons, beasts, and unnamable Old Ones. They scorched entire continents and sunk them into the oceans, slaughtered or enslaved entire species, and harvested the peoples of the world for eldritch horrors and grotesque blood rituals. Those who claimed to have witnessed them told tales of people murdered, taken to other planes, or turned into terrifying abominations. But all those who claimed to have seen such things were left insane, their minds broken by terror and trauma.

• Those humanoid species that could escape dug deep underground or into the mountains, dived under the seas, retreated deep into the forests, or escaped to other worlds or planes of existence entirely.

• Those left behind, human and non-human alike, cried to the heavens, and the good-aligned beings that came to be worshipped as gods heard them. They banded together, and at great cost to themselves, they vanquished the demons, devils, and Old Ones, giving the land—named by the survivors as Hættrland—back to its inhabitants.

• This is known as The Restoration. Even though The Restoration was generations ago, it is still within living memory of long-lived non-humans, and the scarring and remains of this calamity can be found all over Hættrland.

• Since then, the nations of Hættrland have been competing for limited resources, often coming into conflict, trying to rebuild. Non-humans have been slowly leaving their isolation as well, rejoining society. There is some friction between humans and non-humans; humans feel the non-humans abandoned them when needed most, and the non-humans are unsure if the humans are truly freed of the influences of the horrors that were. But in major towns and trading ports, humans and non-humans mingle and try to get along.

• Beasts, undead, abominations, and dark magic still haunt the Hættrland, and there is a fear that things may one day return to how they were before The Restoration. Some, more twisted souls, however, don’t fear this potential return, but eagerly anticipate it…

Hættrland Middle Kingdom Notes

• Only major cities are marked (population over 3000). Small farming villages and settlements of a few hundred people or less abound.

• There are multiple “kingdoms” in middle Hættrland. There are no borders drawn on the map, because most everything outside of cities is scarcely populated tundra in which farmers try to scrape a living out of tilling poor, icy soil. These people have no time for leaders. Cities are usually controlled by a Jarl, and often numerous Jarls will pledge allegiance to a king, but their power and borders are tenuous at best.

• The “kingdom” of Alsvartr basically covers the 50 miles around Freya’s Tear. The “kingdom” of Bjarfold basically covers the west coast to Alfírheim. Clearly, there is some overlap…

• Humans are the most populous race on the surface, although halflings intermingle with humans regularly.

• Elves can be found scattered throughout Hættrland, but their ancestral kingdom is the enormous forest Alfîrheim. Since the restoration, few who are not elven have dared to go there.

• Dwarves, Goliaths, and Giants can be found in the Iron and Shadowlow Mountain ranges. They trade with other humans to the east, but other than Vikings and other shippbound merchants, few others have.

• Skarprland is just scorched ground and jagged rock, an area devastated during The Restoration. Nobody is from there, few go there.