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Hættrland calendar and timeline

The Hættrland calendar is loosely based on the old Norse calendar, simplified for game purposes, with some fantasy thrown in.

Like our own world, a day in Hættrland is 24-hours long. Each year is 280 days, divided up as follows.

Days of the week

There are seven days of the week in Hættrland:

  • Sunday
  • Moonday
  • Tyrsday
  • Odinsday
  • Thorsday
  • Freyjasday
  • Skadisday

Months of the year

A month is precisely 28 days: four seven-day weeks. There are ten months in a year, based on Norse months:

  • Gormánuðr
  • Ÿlir
  • Þorri (Thorri)
  • Góa
  • Einmánuðr
  • Harpa
  • Skerpla
  • Sólmánuðr
  • Heyannir
  • Tvímánuðr

A brief timeline of Hættrland’s history

Hættrland’s history roughly goes back a thousand years. These are the main historical events:

Year Event
1 First recorded runes.
200 The Solidarity — an era of humans and non-humans co-existing in peace and cooperation, so they say.
400 The Horrors begin as demons and elder beings take over Hættrland.
500 The Solidarity ends, as those races that can abandon the scorched lands hide within the mountains, forest, seas, or other planes of existence.
600 Extra planear celestials, warriors, and greater beings hear the pleas of the souls on Hættrland and come to free the land.
700 What comes to be known as The Restoration is complete; various “gods” such as Tyr and Loki and others die, but Odin, Thor, and the rest successfully vanquish the fiends and Old Ones from Hættrland.
800 The first free human kingdoms are formed on the land. They are fragile, their resources and borders ever-contested.
900 The non-human races begin to venture from their forests, caves, and ocean homes to interact with the new human kingdoms. There is a desire to rekindle The Solidarity, but suspicion remains.
1000 Today.